Boots Pharmacies Network – General Regulation of Discounts and Promotions

The Boots Company PLC offers, through its network of pharmacies, discounts, advantages and services to its customers in accordance the current legislation.

All customers are eligible for the advertised promotions.

Promotions do not apply to products that are subject to medical prescription and to milk for babies - type 1 formula (from birth up to 6 months of age). Products for which promotions are forbidden by national regulations are also excluded.

All promotions are available at the following pharmacies:

  • Farmacia Boots Fulvio Testi – Viale Fulvio testi, 90 20126 Milano
  • Farmacia Boots Corvetto – Viale Lucania, 6 20139 Milano
  • Farmacia Boots Ranzoni – Viale Daniele Ranzoni, 2 20149 Milano
  • Farmacia Boots Limbiate – Centro Commerciale Carrefour di Limbiate – Via Monza, 55 20812 Limbiate
  • Farmacia Boots Cesano Maderno – Via Molino Arese, 66 20811 Cesano Maderno
  • Farmacia Boots Spinaceto – Viale dei Caduti della Resistenza, 117 00128 Roma
  • Farmacia Boots Cipro – Via Cipro, 42 00136 Roms